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Your Membership Matters

Why Is Your NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia  Membership So Important?

Annual Giving Circles
Member: $35
Friend of Choice: $50
Choice Advocate: $100
Choice Guardian: $250
Choice Defender: $500
Choice Leadership Circle: $1,000+

Our grassroots membership is made up of thousands of  women and men throughout Virginia who care about defending reproductive freedom in the commonwealth. Being a NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia member means you value a woman’s right to make personal decisions about her family and her reproductive choices without government interference. It means you believe in giving Virginia’s young people comprehensive, medically accurate sex education. It means you care about ensuring that all women have access to contraception and other reproductive health care services they need to protect their health. 

If you value having NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia working on your behalf as the leader of Virginia's pro-choice political movement, please show your support as a member and enable us to continue and expand our efforts.  Every additional member and contribution we receive enables us to increase our capacity and confidently plan our advocacy, education, and activism strategies for the future.

As a member, you're a part of moving Virginia forward, not backward, on reproductive rights and health care and in protecting women's equality, privacy and freedom. With your support, we can continue to be a strong voice for these pro-choice values with politicians and policymakers in Richmond and across the Commonwealth.

Become a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia or Renew your Membership today

How Does Your Support Make a Difference?

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia's members and activists are essential not only to supporting the ongoing work of our organization through financial contributions, but to demonstrating our political strength. Our ability to advocate effectively for pro-choice policies is enhanced by the number of paid members, volunteers and activists we can speak for when we talk to elected officials. Your membership and involvement make politicians and policymakers aware of the thousands of pro-choice Virginians we represent. We ask our members to renew their support each calendar year so we can continue our work and know that we have them standing with us.

We work hard every day to make your support go as far as possible in our lobbying, education, activism and political efforts. Your contribution supports our staff's efforts to educate Virginians on reproductive health issues, advocate for policies that protect choice and improve reproductive health, and hold legislators accountable for their votes on those issues. Your support also enables us to educate and mobilize pro-choice voters to elect officials who will represent our values and stand up for privacy, freedom, and equality. 

Become a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia or Renew your Membership today

Questions about donating or other ways you can support NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia or get more involved? Please contact or (571) 970-2603.

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