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2017 Endorsed House Candidates

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is proud to endorse and support strong pro-choice candidates for state office who will represent our values. We know we can count on the following candidates to stand up to attacks on reproductive freedom in the General Assembly, and to work to both protect and expand Virginians' access to reproductive health care.
See below for the candidates we have endorsed in House of Delegates races so far in 2017. Check back for more endorsements as the election season continues.
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia's PAC is working to support these candidates, get out the pro-choice vote in their districts, and demonstrate the political power of pro-choice voters. Help us change the balance for choice in the General Assembly by making  a contribution to the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC.

 2017 Virginia House of Delegates Endorsements

Don't know which district you're in? Visit here.

New Candidates

 Alicia Kallen, District 2

 Bill Bunch, District 3

 Wendy Gooditis, District 10

 Chris Hurst, District 12

Danica Roem, District 13

 Djuna Osborne, District 17

 Larry Barnett, District 27

 Angela Lynn, District 25

 Joshua Cole, District 28

 Ben Hixon, District 30

 Elizabeth Guzman, District 31

 David Reid, District 32

 Tia Walbridge, District 33

 Donte Tanner, District 40

 Kathy Tran, District 42

 Lee Carter, District 50

 Hala Ayala, District 51

 Al Durante, District 54

 Morgan Goodman, District 55

 Melissa Dart, District 56


 Sheila Bynum-Coleman, District 62

 Rebecca Colaw, District 64

 Francis Stevens, District 65

 Katie Sponsler, District 66

 Karrie Delaney, District 67

 Dawn Adams, District 68

 Schuyler VanValkenburg, District 72

 Debra Rodman, District 73

 Cheryl Turpin, District 85

 Stephen Aycock, District 88

 Michael Wade, District 91

 Kelly DeLucia, District 96 



 Cori Johnson, District 97


 Sam Rasoul, District 11

 Kathleen Murphy, District 34

 Mark Keam, District 35

 Kenneth Plum, District 36

 David Bulova, District 37


 Kaye Kory, District 38

 Vivian Watts, District 39

 Eileen Filler-Corn, District 41

 Mark Sickles, District 43

 Paul Krizek, District 44

 Mark Levine, District 45

 Charniele Herring, District 46

Patrick Hope, District 47

 Rip Sullivan, District 48

 Alfonso Lopez, District 49

 Marcus Simon, District 53

 Lashrecse Aird, District 63 

 David Toscano, District 57

 Betsy Carr, District 69


 Jennifer Boysko, District 86

 John Bell, District 87

 Jeion Ward, District 92

 Mike Mullin, District 93 


 Marcia Price, District 95
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