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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation

Through research, education and outreach initiatives, the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation works to support and protect, as a fundamental freedom, Virginians' ability to make the full range of personal decisions about their reproductive choices and health.
The NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, the research, education and outreach arm of our organizations, works to keep Virginians informed about critical reproductive rights and health issues in our state and pursue proactive programs to protect reproductive freedom and health for future generations.

Many Virginians particularly young people, low-income individuals, and communities of color lack access to comprehensive reproductive health care services and accurate reproductive health and rights information. Virginians must be empowered to know their rights, protect their health, and make the best reproductive decisions for themselves and their families. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation serves as a resource for information about the current state of reproductive rights policy in our state and the impact this has on Virginians' reproductive freedom. (Learn more about the pro-choice issues we work on and get educated yourself in our "What is Choice?" section.)

NPCVF's programs address barriers that keep Virginians from accessing reproductive health information, healthcare services and choices, particularly in areas that disproportionately impact under-served communities. We research and document the reproductive rights and health challenges Virginians face and develop strategies to address them. Our current programs work on issues including:

  • Educating policymakers and the public about the negative impact of anti-choice policies such as targeted regulations on abortion providers that restrict access to safe, legal abortion care and other family planning and reproductive health services. (Learn more about NPCVF's work on targeted regulations on abortion providers with the Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health.)
  • Advocating for effective, comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education that gives Virginia's young people the knowledge, life skills, and resources they need to make responsible decisions, including preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections.
  • Ensuring that Virginians can access medically-accurate information regarding their full range of reproductive decisions and options, and exposing so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" that deceptively promote an anti-choice agenda rather than offering real support and accurate information to women facing unintended pregnancies.
  • Protecting access to birth control and emergency contraception by researching current access at Virginia pharmacies and hospitals and educating Virginians about birth control options and their rights in obtaining them.

Check back for more information and resources on NPCVF's programs coming soon!

If this work is important to you, please consider donating to the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation. Contributions to NPCVF, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and cannot be used for direct political work.

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