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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation

Through research, education and outreach initiatives, the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation works to support and protect, as a fundamental freedom, Virginians' ability to make the full range of personal decisions about their reproductive choices and health.
The NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, the research, education and outreach arm of our organizations, works to keep Virginians informed and engaged about critical state-level reproductive rights and health issues and pursues proactive programs to protect reproductive freedom and health for future generations.

Many Virginians particularly young people, low-income individuals, and communities of color lack access to comprehensive reproductive health care services and accurate reproductive health and rights information. Virginians must be empowered to know their rights, protect their health, and make the best reproductive decisions for themselves and their families.
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation serves as a resource for information about the current state of reproductive rights policy in our state and the impact this has on Virginians' reproductive freedom. (Learn more about the pro-choice issues we work on and get educated yourself in our "What is Choice?" section.)

NPCVF's programs address barriers that keep Virginians from accessing reproductive health information, healthcare services and choices, particularly in areas that disproportionately impact under-served communities. We research and document the reproductive rights and health challenges Virginians face and develop strategies to address them. Our work includes:

  • Policy Education and Advocacy: We inform policymakers, the media, and the public about the state of reproductive rights in Virginia and about the negative impact of anti-choice policies that restrict access to safe, legal abortion care and other reproductive health services. We advocate before policymakers in Richmond to encourage them to reject anti-choice attacks and to expand access to legal abortion, birth control, reproductive health care, and sex education.
  • Protecting Abortion Access: NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation has been a leader in the fight to ensure regulations on Virginia's women's health centers that provide abortion will be based on medical evidence and public health, not on an agenda to make it as difficult as possible for clinics to remain open. Learn more about targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP) and our work with advocates and health care professionals in the Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health.

  • Community Outreach and Organizing: Our grassroots organizers are building connections in Virginia communities and engaging a broad base of women and men to become informed, empowered advocates for Virginians' reproductive rights and health care access. They are expanding the visibility of our issue in communities, through tabling, presentations, and other outreach to educate the public about the current status of reproductive rights in Virginia and the threats and opportunities we are facing. We are also developing a grassroots network of pro-choice leaders across the state who help spread our messages even further and engage their peers in taking action.

If this work is important to you, please consider donating to the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation.

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