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Become a Community Activist for Choice

Become a Community Activist for Choice! 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”-Margaret Mead

Here at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, we know that change starts small - with you, your family, and your community. Help us protect reproductive rights and health in Virginia by becoming a Community Activist for Choice!  There's so much you can do:

  • Stay Updated! Join our Choice Action Network (CAN) list to receive regular updates on reproductive health issues in Virginia via email, and become our fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Encourage your friends to do the same!

  • Join our League of Young Leaders (LoYL) group if you are a pro-choice young professional! Become a fan of us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

  • Register to vote and vote pro-choice in every election. (Remember Virginia has elections every year, with state elections in odd numbered years!) For more information on how your Virginia legislators have voted, click here.

  • Urge your legislator to vote against anti-choice bills and vote for bills that improve access to contraceptive coverage and reproductive health services. To find your legislator, click here.

  • Write a letter to the editor about a current issue or urging pro-choice people in your community to support every woman’s reproductive rights. Find out how!

  • Share articles or action alerts about reproductive rights and health issues with your friends and family or on social media to spread the word and keep people informed. Become our fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to see what we're sharing! 

  • Learn more about emergency contraception (also known as the "morning-after pill" and by brand name "Plan B"), including how it works, where to get it, your rights in obtaining it, and the difference between EC and mifepristone/medical abortion (also known as RU-486) - and educate others.

  • Host a Happy Hour for Choice or a house party for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. Invite your neighbors to get involved!

  • Put a pro-choice sticker or button on your car or bike, in the window of your house, on your binder, on your water bottle, on your backpack, or anywhere else you want to show you're proud to be pro-choice. (Need a sticker or button? Ask us!)

  • Share your personal story about how reproductive choice -- or the lack thereof -- has affected you or someone you care about. You can share your story with us, or just talk about it with people you know. (Visit the 1 in 3 Campaign to learn more about people sharing abortion stories.)

  • Donate to an abortion fund to help low-income women pay for abortion services, or volunteer at a local reproductive health clinic as a pro-choice clinic escort for patients. 

  • Go to a pro-choice rally or demonstration. Check out our Event Calendar to see what is coming up! 

  • Ask your clergyperson or other religious leader about your place of worship’s position on choice.

  • Ask your local school board members or principal whether the schools in your area teach comprehensive, medically-accurate sex education.

  • Run for elected office and include supporting reproductive freedom in your platform.

  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist if s/he offers emergency contraception. If not, recommend that s/he call 1-888-NOT2LATE for information on how to start. 

  • Talk about a pro-choice issue or current news story with your friends or in your classes, workplace, or place or worship, or invite friends to come along with you to pro-choice events. Start a conversation!

For more information about becoming a Community Activist for Choice, contact Alena at
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