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Lindsay's Story

I am a white, college-educated female who comes from a loving and supportive family. I had been on the pill since I started having sex. I always knew that if I were to get pregnant before I planned on it, I would chose abortion. My life is full of opportunities and chances to improve myself which I knew would disappear if I had a child before I wanted one. This was a choice I made when I started having sex, when I started taking the pill to prevent pregnancy. It was always a conscious decision I always knew I would make.

Despite being careful and using multiple forms of contraception (pill and condom combined), I got pregnant when I was 22 years old. I had just graduated from a highly respected university, and landed a dream job that corresponded to my major - A rarity nowadays. Of course because everything in my life was moving along like planned, something had to happen to disrupt it.

I got pregnant in September of 2004 by a guy I had been dating for over 6 months. Because I had always known what I would do if I did become pregnant, I knew immediately what I would do - have an abortion. At first irrational, mind-less questions popped into my head - Is it legal? Do I need anyone's permission? I am so appreciative I live in a country where it is my decision to keep the child living in me, and where I can get quality care without judgement.

I visited my gynecologist who referred me to a local Planned Parenthood she recommended highly. There, they treated me respectfully and with consideration for everything I was going through. The entire ordeal was taken care of in two weeks.

From the choices they offered me, I chose the medical abortion. Medical abortions allow patients to avoid surgery and all the complications that come with that - however, medical abortions do have a chance of not working. The reason I chose this method was because I wanted to be conscious of what I was doing to my own body. I wanted to be the one to end the ordeal on my own - not rely on some doctor to take care of it for me, as I stand by passively.

The whole procedure was quite painless, although trying mentally and uncomfortable at times. It required that I use multiple suppositories, and remain low-key for several days. Luckily I have many people around me who sympathized and who love me who took care of me through those weeks before, during, and after the procedure.

Overall, I know I made the right decision to have an abortion. I have never doubted that ever. Going into the situation, I knew what I would do, and that definitely helped. Being so certain of a decision even before you ever have to make it gave me more certainty. While there are still pangs of sadness and some guilt, I know that my life is MINE, and my choices are MINE - no one elses. Not my parents, not my boyfriends, not the politicians voted into office. I will always respect the voices of both people who are pro-choice, and pro-life.

Hopefully telling my story will educate others in similar situations and with similar feelings.

Take care. Be safe. Use contraception. Know yourself.
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