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Stop Anti-Choice Amendments to Virginia's Budget

UPDATE, 2/23/2017: In the conference budget report released by the committee, the General Assembly blocked the entirety of funding for the LARC access program (accepting the House's version, House Budget Amendment 295 #2h). Read our press statement on the budget here.
At the same time, the committee did not advance the other anti-choice amendment (House Budget Amendment 4-5.04 #3h) that would have stripped abortion coverage for low-income women in cases of severe fetal anomaly.

The thirteen legislators on the Virginia General Assembly’s budget conference committee will resolve differences between the 2017 budget amendments passed by the House and by the Senate. Several of the contested budget amendments are ideological attacks on access to reproductive health care for primarily low-income women and families in Virginia. Contact the budget conferees to oppose the amendments below:
  • House Budget Amendment 4-5.04 #3h would eliminate coverage available to a Medicaid-eligible Virginia woman who has decided to have an abortion following diagnosis of a totally-incapacitating fetal anomaly.  Stripping this coverage means politicians cutting off low-income Virginians’ access to all their medical options and attempting to make a deeply personal decision for them.
  • House Budget Amendment 295 #2h would eliminate the entirety of Governor McAuliffe’s proposed $6 million use of a federal block grant to create a pilot program for expanding access to long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) like IUDs. The House wants to scrap this program that would help more uninsured and underinsured women learn about and access these most effective forms of birth control. Similar programs in other states have shown dramatic decreases in unintended pregnancy of as much as 40% among participants.
  • Senate Budget Amendment 295 #1s would slash funding for the governor’s LARC access program and ban it from including IUDs due to the ideological objections of anti-choice politicians and groups. By removing one of the most effective and popular LARC methods as an option for underinsured women in the pilot program, this budget amendment would undermine the goal of the governor's proposal. All women should have information and access to a full range of contraception options, so they can decide which is right for them in consultation with their health care provider.

Tommy Norment (R-3)
Emmett Hanger (R-24)
Janet Howell (D-32)
Stephen Newman (R-23)
Frank Ruff (R-15)
Frank Wagner (R-7)

Chris Jones (R-76)
Kirkland Cox (R-66)
Steven Landes (R-25)
John O’Bannon (R-73)
Thomas Greason (R-32)
Luke Torian (D-52)

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