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Visit our legislation tracking page throughout the General Assembly session to see the current status of bills we are working to support or oppose.


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Virginia Gets a Failing Grade
Virginia's many restrictions on reproductive rights and lack of pro-choice policies earn an "F" in NARAL Pro-Choice America's annual rating of states' laws.


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2012 Legislative Scorecard

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is proud to release our annual comprehensive analysis of votes taken on bills related to reproductive rights and health during the latest Virginia General Assembly session. See below for a list of members of the House of Delegates and state Senate with their 2012 score, rated from 0% (anti-choice) to 100% (pro-choice).

Out of 140 total members of the General Assembly, only 51 of them received 100% pro-choice ratings this year: 19 out of 40 Senators and 32 out of 100 Delegates. 16 Senators and 61 Delegates earned a 0% anti-choice rating.

Your legislators need to hear from you that their votes on reproductive rights and health issues matter to their constituents and know that you are paying attention. If you have a pro-choice legislator, be sure to send an email now to thank her or him for voting to protect reproductive health for all Virginians! Please urge anti-choice legislators to join us in advocating for commonsense,common-ground prevention and reproductive health measures during the next General Assembly session!

How did your Delegate and Senator rate on reproductive rights this year?
LegislatorDistrict2012 Score
Senator John Miller1100%
Senator Mamie Locke2100%
Senator Thomas Norment350%
Senator Ryan McDougle40%
Senator Yvonne Miller5100%
Senator Ralph Northam6100%
Senator Frank Wagner750%
Senator Jeffrey McWaters80%
Senator Donald McEachin9100%
Senator John Watkins10100%
Senator Stephen Martin110%
Senator Walter Stosch1250%
Senator Dick Black
Senator Harry Blevins1425%
Senator Frank Ruff1525%
Senator Henry Marsh16100%
Senator Bryce Reeves
Senator Louise Lucas18100%
Senator Ralph Smith
Senator Bill Stanley
Senator John Edwards21100%
Senator Tom Garrett
Senator Stephen Newman230%
Senator Emmett Hanger240%
Senator Creigh Deeds25100%
Senator Mark Obenshain260%
Senator Jill Vogel270%
Senator Richard Stuart280%
Senator Charles Colgan290%
Senator Adam Ebbin
Senator Barbara Favola
Senator Janet Howell32100%
Senator Mark Herring33100%
Senator Chap Petersen34100%
Senator Richard Saslaw35100%
Senator Toddy Puller36100%
Senator David Marsden37100%
Senator Phillip Puckett380%
Senator George Barker39100%
Senator Bill Carrico
Delegate Terry Kilgore10%
Delegate Mark Dudenhefer
Delegate James Morefield30%
Delegate Joseph Johnson40%
Delegate Israel O'Quinn
Delegate Anne Crockett-Stark60%
Delegate Nick Rush
Delegate Gregory Habeeb80%
Delegate Charles Poindexter90%
Delegate Randy Minchew
Delegate Onzlee Ware11100%
Delegate Joseph Yost
Delegate Bob Marshall130%
Delegate Daniel Marshall140%
Delegate Todd Gilbert150%
Delegate Donald Merricks160%
Delegate Chris Head
Delegate Michael Webert
Delegate Lacey Putney
Delegate Richard Bell200%
Delegate Ronald Villanueva210%
Delegate Kathy Bryon220%
Delegate Scott Garrett230%
Delegate Benjamin Cline240%
Delegate Steven Landes250%
Delegate Tony Wilt260%
Delegate Roxann Robinson270%
Speaker Bill Howell280%
Delegate Beverly Sherwood290%
Delegate Edward Scott300%
Delegate Scott Lingamfelter310%
Delegate Thomas Greason320%
Delegate Joe May3375%
Delegate Barbara Comstock340%
Delegate Mark Keam35100%
Delegate Kenneth Plum36100%
Delegate David Bulova37100%
Delegate Kaye Kory38100%
Delegate Vivian Watts39100%
Delegate Timothy Hugo400%
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn41100%
Delegate David Albo420%
Delegate Mark Sickles43100%
Delegate Scott Surovell44100%
Delegate David Englin45100%
Delegate Charniele Herring46100%
Delegate Patrick Hope47100%
Delegate Robert Brink48100%
Delegate Alfonso Lopez
Delegate Jackson Miller500%
Delegate Rich Anderson510%
Delegate Luke Torian52100%
Delegate Jim Scott53100%
Delegate Robert Orrock540%
Delegate John Cox550%
Delegate Peter Farrell
Delegate David Toscano57100%
Delegate Robert Bell580%
Delegate Matt Fariss
Delegate James Edmunds600%
Delegate Thomas Wright610%
Delegate Riley Ingram620%
Delegate Rosalyn Dance63100%
Delegate Richard Morris
Delegate Lee Ware650%
Delegate Kirk Cox660%
Delegate James LeMunyon670%
Delegate Manoli Loupassi680%
Delegate Betsy Carr69100%
Delegate Delores McQuinn70100%
Delegate Jennifer McClellan71100%
Delegate James Massie720%
Delegate John O'Bannon730%
Delegate Joseph Morrissey74100%
Delegate Roslyn Tyler75100%
Delegate Chris Jones760%
Delegate Lionell Spruill77100%
Delegate John Cosgrove780%
Delegate Johnny Joannou79100%
Delegate Matthew James80100%
Delegate Barry Knight810%
Delegate Harry Purkey820%
Delegate Christopher Stolle8325%
Delegate Salvatore Iaquinto840%
Delegate Robert Tata8550%
Delegate Thomas Davis Rust86100%
Delegate David Ramadan
Delegate Mark Cole880%
Delegate Kenneth Alexander89100%
Delegate Algie Howell90100%
Gordon Helsel
Delegate Jeion Ward92100%
Delegate Michael Watson
Delegate David Yancey
Delegate Mamye BaCote95100%
Delegate Brenda Pogge960%
Delegate Christopher Peace970%
Delegate Keith Hodges
Delegate Margaret Ransone
Delegate Lynwood Lewis100100%
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