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Visit our legislation tracking page throughout the General Assembly session to see the current status of reproductive rights and health-related bills we are working to support or oppose.


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Current Laws

Virginia Gets a Failing Grade
Virginia's many restrictions on reproductive rights and lack of pro-choice policies earn an "F" in NARAL Pro-Choice America's annual rating of states' laws.


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Your Legislators

How do your legislators vote on choice issues?

A woman's right to choose faces greater threats than ever before. With so much focus on the United States Congress and the Supreme Court, it's easy to overlook the threats to choice right here in our own backyard. Some of the biggest attacks on reproductive freedom are happening in states like Virginia. The Virginia General Assembly, along with the Governor and other state officials, has great power to restrict or protect reproductive choice.
Our 2012-2013 Voting Record on Choice is available here.

See how your delegate and state senator scored. If they received a 100% pro-choice rating, send them a note to say thanks for standing up for reproductive rights and health care access! If they didn't, let them know that you want the government out of private medical decisions and hope they will support women's health and commonsense pro-prevention policies in the future.

(Need to find out who your legislators are? Just visit here!)

Previous years' NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Legislative Voting Records and Scores:


Please contact with questions about earlier years.
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