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Visit our legislation tracking page throughout the General Assembly session to see the current status of bills we are working to support or oppose.


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Current Laws

Virginia Gets a Failing Grade
Virginia's many restrictions on reproductive rights and lack of pro-choice policies earn an "F" in NARAL Pro-Choice America's annual rating of states' laws.


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Your Legislators' Records

How have your state legislators voted on reproductive rights and health care issues?

2016-2017 Term Scorecard Coming Soon!
See links to our annual analysis of the General Assembly's voting records on key reproductive rights and health care access bills below.

Your legislators need to hear that their constituents are paying attention to their record on reproductive rights and health issues, and that this issue matters to you. Find out who your legislators are here.
If you have a pro-choice legislator, be sure to send an email now to thank her or him for voting to protect reproductive health for all Virginians! Please urge anti-choice legislators and those who have had a mixed record to join us in advocating for commonsense, common-ground prevention and reproductive health measures during the next General Assembly session

Previous years' NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Legislative Voting Records:
2014-2015 Term Scorecard

2012-2013 Term Scorecard


Please contact with questions about earlier years.
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