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Attempt to Ban Abortion at 20 Weeks Abandoned

Obenshain and Anderson fail to advance unconstitutional, anti-women’s health measures
Today, Del. Richard Anderson (R-Prince William) asked the House Courts of Justice Criminal Subcommittee to carry over HB1285 to next year citing constitutional issues. HB1285 was blatantly unconstitutional and was flagged by the General Assembly’s Legislative Services. The move comes after the shocking defeat of Sen. Mark Obenshain's (R-Harrisonburg) SB637 in the Senate Education and Health Committee last Thursday. Sen. Harry Blevin's (R-Chesapeake) abstained from the vote, resulting in a 7-7 vote, not allowing the bill to proceed.

"Today is a clear victory for the women of Virginia,” said Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. She continued, "It's a rare day in the Virginia General Assembly when reason reigns supreme."

"These bills, if passed, would have posed a serious threat to women’s health by not taking into account individual circumstances and banning abortions at twenty weeks gestation. The sponsors of these bills want to take medicine out of the hands of doctors and decisions out of the hands of women and their families. Politicians should not interfere in these deeply personal, private medical decisions.”

"While we will celebrate this victory today, we know anti-choice legislators are not deterred,”said Keene. "Despite this session’s preoccupation with women’s health, we also aren’t deterred. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia will continue to fight every day to protect women’s health and rights.”

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