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McDonnell Looks to Protect VP Ambitions in Sponsoring Ill-Thought out Amendment

Last Minute Change to SB 484 Still Mandates Medically Unnecessary Procedures

Today, the Virginia House of Delegates approved an amendment offered by Governor Bob McDonnell to mandatory ultrasound bill SB 484. What follows is a statement from Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia:

"NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia was proud to stand with a large coalition that delivered over 33,000 petitions to Governor McDonnell from Virginians who stand opposed to government efforts to intrude on private, personal medical decisions.

Unfortunately, Governor McDonnell isnít getting the message. Today, the governor sent ill-thought out amendments to the House of Delegates for SB 484. The governor claims heís fixed the bill, but it actually adds insult to injury. The bill still mandates ultrasounds before women can access their constitutionally protected right to obtain an abortion.

This is about the governorís political aspirations, not about womenís health or protecting her rights. These amendments do not make the legislation any more acceptable; in fact, legislators are still practicing medicine without a license by prescribing unnecessary medical procedures instead of leaving that decision to a woman and her doctor.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia vehemently stands against the Governor McDonnell's amended version of this legislation."


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