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Activist Attorney General Certifies His Own Pre-Packaged Regulations of State’s Abortion Providers

Board of Health Coerced Regulations Headed for Executive Review, Public Comment Period
Today, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli certified burdensome and medically-unnecessary regulations of the state’s 20 first trimester abortion providers. The regulations include the unprecedented imposition of forced hospital construction requirements on existing women's health centers in Virginia. His approval comes 12 days after the Board of Health passed the regulations in an about-face move from its June vote to grandfather in existing facilities from the construction requirements. After the June meeting, the Attorney General sent the board a memo threatening not to represent them should their vote invoke a lawsuit against them.  
"Attorney General Cuccinelli continues to use his position of power and put political ideology before the health of thousands of Virginia women,” said Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. "Today, tens of thousands of Virginia women are one step closer to losing access critical medical care and their constitutional right to safe, legal abortion care.”  

"After bullying the Board of Health into reversing its vote and rejecting the recommendations of legal and medical experts, Attorney General Cuccinelli is now hoping that he can simply pass these regulations without women noticing. We vow today that Virginia women will know just how ruthless the Attorney General is and how they can fight back in the months to come. This process is far from over.” 
The regulations will now undergo an executive review and a 60-day public comment period before heading back to the Board of Health for a final vote. If approved as written, these regulations could force the majority of women's health centers in Virginia to close their doors or cease offering abortion services.  
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