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As First Day of Hearings Ends, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Calls on Senators Kaine and Warner to Fight Gorsuch Nomination

Citing long history of siding against women, group promises continued pressure on lawmakers

Alexandria, VA – As the first day of hearings draws to a close, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia calls on Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner to firmly reject Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

"President Trump hand-picked Neil Gorsuch to advance his extreme agenda across a range of issues, and attacking women’s reproductive freedom and health care access is at the top of that list,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene. "In rulings such as the infamous Hobby Lobby case, where he sided with corporations to deny women birth control coverage, Gorsuch has shown us the damage he could do on the Supreme Court for decades to come.”

"There is so much on the line for women’s rights and health care, including the very protections of Roe v. Wade, which 7 in 10 Americans and Virginians want to see preserved,” Keene continued. "That’s why we’re urging Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to fight this nomination every step of the way. The thousands of Virginians who have marched, rallied, picketed, called, and petitioned demand nothing less.”

In partnership with the People’s Defense, a coalition leveraging grassroots energy against Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia delivered 21,473 petition signatures from concerned Virginia citizens to Senators Kaine and Warner last week, urging them to oppose the nomination.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and our network of member-activists will continue working throughout the hearing process to urge lawmakers to reject anti-woman, anti-reproductive health care nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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