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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Joins Virginia Elected Officials to Condemn Ed Gillespie’s Ongoing Silence Over Trumpcare

Richmond, Va. – Today, Virginia democrats and healthcare advocates gathered at City Hall in Richmond to call on Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie to stand up for Virginians and finally come out against Trumpcare.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene joined Mayor Levar Stoney, State Senator Jennifer McClellan, Delegate Delores McQuinn, and Delegate Lamont Bagby to condemn Ed Gillespie’s ongoing silence on the proposed healthcare bill, which could take away healthcare from 520,000 Virginians, gut protections for preexisting conditions, cut Medicaid, and decimate access to crucial women’s health programs.

"We know this bill will make access to birth control, cancer screenings, and maternal healthcare more expensive and more difficult,” said Keene. "We know that 1 in 5 women of reproductive age rely on Medicaid and 20% of women rely on Planned Parenthood as their main medical provider. We know this bill could make pregnancy, C-sections, post-partum depression, and even having a heavy period a preexisting condition.

"If Ed Gillespie truly cared about the lives and well-being of the Virginia women and families he’s running to serve, he would loudly condemn a bill that that defunds Planned Parenthood, slashes Medicaid, and essentially makes being a woman a preexisting condition.” Keene continued. "It’s time for Ed Gillespie to come out in strong opposition to this cruel, damaging bill. Otherwise, Virginia women and families will be forced to read between the lines – and his silence is telling us everything we need to know.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has endorsed Dr. Ralph Northam in the race for governor and will use the full force of its grassroots organizing and political power to hold Ed Gillespie accountable for his anti-choice record and turn out voters to elect Ralph Northam and the full pro-choice ticket in November.


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