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Our Name: NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia

In 2003, NARAL Pro-Choice America became the legal name of the organization formerly known as the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. NARAL is no longer an acronym for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.

Guidelines for Referring to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia in Print

  • Use all-caps when writing NARAL as part of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia
  • Always refer to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia when referring to the organization and not any combination of the four name elements
  • Always hyphenate and capitalize Pro-Choice

To find out more about reproductive rights and health care options in Virginia and nationally, check out these other great pro-choice resources.

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Local Resources
Be sure to regularly check out our NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Blog for the latest on choice-related news in Virginia and around the country. Make sure to join our Facebook fan page and follow our Twitter account for up-to-the-minute updates and conversation.
The Guttmacher Institute state center provides up-to-date state-focused research and analysis, on contraception, abortion reproductive health in Virginia and states across the country.  
Decades of state laws passed by anti-choice politicians have eroded Virginians’ right to abortion and made it more difficult for women to access the reproductive health services and information they need. For a review of Virginia's current policies pro-choice and anti-choice policies, please visit our current laws page.
In 2013, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation released a report on our year-long investigation into Virginia’s crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) revealing widespread use of medically-inaccurate information and coercion to dissuade women from considering their full range of reproductive health options, including abortion. The investigation also revealed the Virginia government is working to support, aid, and legitimize the Commonwealth’s CPCs. See the full report for the investigation's findings. 
In 2011 and 2012, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation conducted a study of the Virginia court system to assess its knowledge of the judicial bypass process through which a minor may obtain a judge's consent for abortion in lieu of parental consent. The majority of Virginia’s jurisdictions were either unable and/or unwilling to provide additional information on judicial bypass, or provided information that was almost completely incorrect. See the full report for a summary of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia's findings and policy recommendations. 
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