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What is Choice?

The right to choose is about more than a woman's ability to have a safe, legal abortion. Reproductive freedom and self-determination encompass a range of issues, including: preventing unintended pregnancy and protecting reproductive health through effective sex education and access to family planning and birth control; defending a woman's right to make personal, private decisions about whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term without government interference; protecting women's ability to have healthy pregnancies and births and their right to parent their children or choose adoption; and addressing inequities in reproductive health care access.

In the sections below, you will find information, research, statistics, and facts about some of these issues, why reproductive choice and freedom are at risk, and about what NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is working to do about it.

Deciding whether and when to become a parent or have another child is a personal, private decision. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia supports the right of all women to access safe and legal abortion care. A woman considering abortion must be able to make that choice in conversation with her doctor and whoever else she chooses. It is neither the government nor a politician's place to tell a woman when she should carry a pregnancy to term or to interfere in a woman's medical decision-making.
Improving affordable access to a wide range of birth control options is the best way to prevent unintended pregnancy, reduce the need for abortion and give women control over their reproductive health and lives.
It's critical that more women have accurate information and access to emergency contraception (sometimes known as "the morning-after pill") to help prevent pregnancy after contraceptive failure, or in cases of sexual assault.
Medically-accurate, age-appropriate, effective sexuality education is a vital part of any adolescent pregnancy prevention and health promotion effort and gives young people the knowledge they need to make responsible decisions.
So-called "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) are deceptive facilities that try to pass themselves off as actual medical clinics, when they actually tell women facing unintended pregnancies medically inaccurate and intentionally misleading information.
Many anti-choice politicians not only want to take away a woman's right to choose not to have children; they also refuse to help and support women who continue their pregnancies and choose adoption or parenting. That's hypocritical. We stand with women who continue their pregancies and want to ensure they have the rights and resources they need.
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