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What is Choice?

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If you're pregnant and you've decided not to continue your pregnancy, please visit our take charge of your health page to view an interactive map of Virginia abortion providers.


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What is Choice?

Being "pro-choice” means believing that every woman deserves access to the services and information she needs to make her own decisions about whether and when to become a parent. This includes contraception to help prevent unintended pregnancy; safe, legal abortion if she chooses it; and the services she needs for healthy pregnancies and births – as well as medically-accurate, non-judgmental information about her health and her options.

Through policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and political work, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia pushes back against decades of anti-choice policies that have restricted reproductive choice in Virginia. With our grassroots activists around the Commonwealth, we fight to defeat and reverse state-level attacks on reproductive rights, while also advancing pro-active policies to ensure choice is a reality for all.

We trust women – not politicians – to make the best personal decision for themselves and their families about a pregnancy. We fight to ensure that every Virginia woman who has decided to have an abortion can access safe, legal care without pressure, misinformation, or harassment.
Access to a full range of birth control options empowers women to decide whether and when to have a family. We advocate for the expansion of access to birth control to help women prevent unintended pregnancy and protect their health.
Young people deserve comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically-accurate sex education that prepares them to make informed choices about their reproductive and sexual health. We support improving school-based curricula and other community-based sex education programs.
Reproductive choice means ensuring all women have access to the care and information they need to have healthy pregnancies and births when they choose to become a parent or arrange an adoption. We work to expand access to reproductive health care for pregnant women and to protect their rights.
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