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Comprehensive Sex Education

Virginia’s young people deserve access to age-appropriate, medically-accurate, and comprehensive sex education that prepares them to make informed choices about their reproductive and sexual health.

We support evidence-based sex education curricula that gives young people the knowledge to protect themselves from disease, prevent unintended pregnancy, and have healthy, respectful relationships.

The Problem:

Many of the same anti-choice politicians and groups that oppose abortion also want to prevent young people from getting information on preventing pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections. Instead, they support ineffective "abstinence-only” education that often perpetuates medical misinformation and harmful sexist messages.

In 2013, there were 12,890 unintended teen pregnancies and 5,300 teen births in Virginia.[1] Clearly, Virginia teens need and deserve quality comprehensive sex-education.

  • Virginia requires harmful abstinence-based sex education that can perpetuate false and misleading information about reproductive health. Abstinence based programs mispresent the effectiveness of contraceptives, ultimately jeopardizing students’ health.

  • The quality of sex education throughout Virginia is inconsistent. Each Virginia school district is permitted to adopt and censor aspects of the sex-education curriculum as they see fit. This means students in certain districts receive a much worse sex education than others.

Our Solution:

  • More Virginia school districts should adopt evidence-based, comprehensive sex education curricula that prepare students to make informed choices.

[1] "Key Information About U.S. States.” The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, November 2015.

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