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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Revealed Updated Report

Press release: 7/1/2013, "Virginia Department of Health Referring Women to Crisis Pregnancy Centers that Shame, Mislead"

From June 2012-June 2013, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation launched a year-long undercover investigation to update our report about Virginia's 58 "crisis pregnancy centers": anti-choice facilities that regularly use misinformation and coercion to dissuade women from considering their full range of reproductive options, including abortion and birth control.

What we learned was downright scary, particularly what we learned about how CPCs are capitalizing on Virginia's 2012 mandatory ultrasound and waiting period law to bring more women into their facilities rather than legitimate health care providers -- and how the Virginia Department of Health is contributing to that! We need your help to fight back!
Read our updated "Crisis Pregnancy Centers Revealed" report: [sections below in PDF format]

New undercover audio exposes outrageous lies spread by Virginia CPCs
We've released unbelievable new undercover audio recordings that demonstrate just how deceptive and manipulative Virginia's anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers are. Here is what some Virginia CPCs are actually saying to women seeking information and support, as told to our investigator during two undercover visits:
  • Condoms are "naturally porous” and do not protect against STDs (5:15)
  • Women who have taken the birth control pill for four years prior to their first pregnancy have a 46% increased risk of breast cancer (7:00, 12:55)
  • Having an abortion will damage all of your future relationships (38:00)
  • If you have an abortion, you will see that child’s soul again in the future: "At the end of the world you’re gonna know that was my child that I choose to kill.” (47:30)
Listen to the audio recordings here* and here, then help us get this shocking audio out to every corner of the Commonwealth by sharing with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
* In this recording, the CPC volunteer revealed a personal story. Out of respect for her privacy, we have omitted this section of the audio, which lasted approximately 54 seconds, and occurs after the 18:56 mark in the recording.

Additional information:
Read some of the things that CPCs across the country commonly tell women, as well as factually-cited responses to such erroneous claims.
View a map of many of the CPCs in our state.
Find websites and telephone numbers for organizations that offer judgment-free, medically accurate information as you make a decision about an unintended pregnancy, rather than manipulation and biased counseling.
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