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Reproductive Justice

Being pro-choice is about more than just supporting the legal right to abortion or birth control. It's about supporting the right to reproductive self-determination and ensuring that every woman and family has the meaningful and equal ability to make the full range of reproductive choices -- from preventing unintended pregnancy, to choosing abortion, to becoming a parent and raising children.

Because of economic and social factors, many women do not have equal access to quality reproductive health care or the ability to exercise their rights and make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Policies that make it more difficult and costly to obtain abortion, birth control, prenatal care, or quality reproductive health care in general have a much greater impact on low-income or otherwise disadvantaged women. When anti-choice politicians can't take away all women's reproductive rights, they attack the rights and health of the most vulnerable women and families first -- and often they succeed. That's wrong.

Reproductive justice is a framework that links reproductive health and freedom with social justice and human rights, and puts reproductive rights in the context of other issues that affect women's mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social well-being and their ability to control and determine their reproductive lives.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia embraces a reproductive justice framework in our efforts to protect and expand the full range of reproductive rights for all Virginians, regardless of their race, income, age, ability, gender identity or sexual orientation, or other factors. We strive to work in coalition with other allied organizations and activists at the intersection of these issues.

Supporting reproductive justice means focusing not only on the right to not have children or to delay childbearing, but also on the equal right to have healthy pregnancies and births and to parent a right that has historically and continually been denied to certain groups of women
Our goal must be to support reproductive self-determination for all women and families, including the ability to protect one's reproductive health, to access family planning services and accurate health information, to end a pregnancy, to bear and raise healthy children, and other important forms of reproductive and social empowerment.

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