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Monthly Donations

Special GEM for Choice campaign: We need $500 in new or increased monthly contributions this month to make sure we're ready for the upcoming 2015 election and the 2016 legislative session. Become a GEM for Choice by chipping in $10, $15, or more a month now to help us get there!
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia's GEM for Choice ("give every month") sustaining members are at the center of our work supporting reproductive freedom in our state.
With monthly contributions of as little as $10, automatically charged to your credit or debit card, you can always know that you're playing a big role in protecting choice in Virginia year-round. By giving monthly or quarterly, our GEMs provide a reliable and cost-effective stream of funding for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia's day-to-day efforts as your voice for choice in the Commonwealth. Your support can enable us to be ready for whatever attacks or opportunities come our way and plan confidently for the future.
Become a GEM for Choice member today! To recognize your important role in our work and your dedication to pro-choice activism, you'll receive:
  • Exclusive insider updates directly from executive director Tarina Keene on our work during the General Assembly session and election season.
  • Invitations to private briefings and conference calls with our most dedicated supporters.
  • Discounts on tickets to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia special events, such as our annual "Power of Choice" gala.
  • Personal copies of print materials like our annual report... and more!

Use the following links to become a "GEM for Choice" monthly or quarterly donor to:
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, our main arm, to support our political organizing and issue advocacy work to protect and expand reproductive choice in the Commonwealth.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, to support our research, public education and outreach work to engage Virginians on critical reproductive rights issues. (Contributions to the Foundation arm, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible.)

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Political Action Committee (PAC), to support our direct efforts to elect pro-choice candidates for state office in Virginia through endorsements, campaign contributions, and independent voter contact.

Already a GEM and want to change your contributions?
Use this form to submit a change in the amount of your monthly contributions to our staff, or contact us directly at or 571-970-2536.
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