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Elect Pro-Choice Lawmakers: Support our PAC

The NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Political Action Committee (PAC) works to elect pro-choice candidates we can count on to state office in Virginia.

Right now, less than one third of the House of Delegates members and less than half of the state Senate are pro-choice. If we want to protect and advance reproductive rights and health care access in Virginia, we must change these numbers, starting in 2015. 

This election is pivotal -- with several retirements and vulnerable incumbents, we have our best chance in years to pick up pro-choice seats. We could even elect a pro-choice majority in the Virginia Senate for the first time ever!

Elect pro-choice state lawmakers: CONTRIBUTE NOW

Your contribution to the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC will:  
  • Identify and endorse strong pro-choice candidates so voters can know where candidates in their district stand.
  • Work with pro-choice candidates on how to effectively communicate their values to voters.
  • Expose the records and agendas of anti-choice candidates and make sure the media asks them the tough questions.
  • Contact highly-targeted pro-choice voters, educate them about the importance of this election, and make sure they get out to the polls on Election Day to elect the lawmakers we need.
  • Send a message to Virginia politicians that pro-choice citizens like us are powerful and organized and we will hold them accountable for their records on reproductive rights and health!

To contribute by check: Please mail a check made payable to "NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC" to P.O. Box 1204, Alexandria, VA 22313. (Please include a note listing your occupation, employer, and city/state of business, as we must record this information for PAC contributions.)
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