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Elect Pro-Choice Lawmakers: Support our PAC

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Political Action Committee (PAC) works to directly support pro-choice candidates for state office in Virginia.

Only 48 out of 140 General Assembly members voted consistently pro-choice in 2014. The only way to protect reproductive freedom in Virginia in the long term is to change the numbers in Richmond by rejecting anti-choice politicians and electing more lawmakers we can count on. Your support for our NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC will help protect and elect pro-choice candidates in Virginia's critical statewide election in 2015, when the entire General Assembly will be up for election.


Our PAC supports pro-choice candidates both through independent election work and contributions to campaigns. We research candidates and educate voters on a candidate's position before and after she or he becomes an elected representative. We endorse strong 100% pro-choice candidates and engage in direct voter contact to get out the pro-choice vote for them and help create a pro-choice majority in Richmond. 
To contribute by check: Please mail a check made payable to "NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC" to P.O. Box 1204, Alexandria, VA 22313. (Please include a note listing your occupation, employer, and city/state of business, as we must record this information for PAC contributions.)
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